Children’s playroom
Kingston Hospital

Momentum Kingston Playroom complete

The challenge: Momentum, a charity supporting children with life-limiting conditions, asked us to refurbish the playroom, reduce the clutter, but retain its homely feel. The playroom was typical of so many playrooms, very busy, toys everywhere and showing signs of wear and tear.

Our approach: First we agreed the initial design with users, staff and the hospital estates department. We also consulted infection control and other interested departments. We knew we had to reduce the clutter and our redesign included a full run of storage units, with bespoke internal fittings to store equipment used by teachers and play specialists. Slide-out trays and baskets in tall units makes putting items away quick and easy. An art gallery board was designed to allow children to display their work and adjustable height furniture installed to make the use of the room more flexible. We were given a tight timetable, and the works, completed with assistance from the estates department, took less than a week. There has been a lot of positive feedback from parents, nurses and the users!

“We are delighted that the project was on-time, on-budget and without problems. It was a pleasure to work with such a committed and focused team. This project offers a blueprint of how such projects can be implemented and Grosvenor Interiors played a key role.”

Nikki Howard, Momentum

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  • Thanks to our involvement with Grosvenor Interiors and gifts from our generous supporters, Leicester Hospitals Charity has had a significant impact on patient environment within the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. Several key areas inside our Hospitals have been given a “facelift” with the use of colour, design and bespoke furniture. We have formed a good working relationship with Grosvenor who have created quality branding and themes we are proud of and more importantly, have made a huge difference to our patients stay and well-being.

    Debbie Adlerstein - Leicester Hospitals Charity