Long blank walls in badly lit areas don’t have to be the norm. We like to use large scale, natural or abstract images to enhance the sense of wellbeing experienced whilst moving through these communal areas. This increases the feeling that the patient or visitor is in a professional, caring environment and contributes to a calming atmosphere.

We’re great fans of de-cluttering. As the human brain tends to unconsciously respond to every visual stimulus, a plethora of A4 laminated notices, so often seen all over the walls in NHS properties, can unintentionally overstimulate and create a more stressful environment. You may like to choose images from our stock selection or one of our experienced designers can visit to present a wider range of bespoke images and to offer professional advice on how best to de-clutter and de-stress your spaces.

Corridors and Wayfinding

Your corridors say a lot about you. They are often one of the first things a visitor sees when they visit a hospital.

See our Covid-19 range of furniture HERE
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