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Introducing Grosvenor Interiors

All of us need hospital care at some time in our lives. We trust in the skills of nurses and doctors to get us well. But other factors also aid recovery, which is where Grosvenor Interiors come in.

I believe passionately that where patients recover, the quality of the environment around them, directly influences how they recover. I believe that good hospital interior design has an essential role in good healthcare.

Grosvenor Interiors Healthcare Division provides inspiring and uplifting hospital interiors to aid recovery, why not give me or my team a call to see how we could help you provide better spaces to get better in.

Managing Director Colin Horn

Meet The Team

Every company is only as good as it’s human resources and our Senior Management Team are the key to our ongoing success and excellent reputation. Click on the images below to read more about our Award Winning personnel.

    Colin Horn

    Managing Director

      Peter Boulton

      Design Technician

        Victoria Boulton

        Head of Design

          Debbie Sainsbury

          Admin Guru

            Tim Riordan

            Contracts Manager

              Abigail Stein

              Charity Engagement Specialist – Scotland

                Debbie Adlerstein

                Charity Engagement Specialist