We’re thrilled to announce that Grosvenor Interiors has just celebrated its 25th birthday!!

We’ve seen many changes and evolved substantially over the years so we spoke to our Head Honcho, Colin, to get the lowdown on why and how it all happened:

“I started Grosvenor Interiors after the company I was working for went bust, leaving me without a job.  They left behind several uncompleted projects so myself and the Design Manager approached some of the clients and suggested that we finish the jobs for them.

In the early days, we were dealing with high-worth individuals on domestic projects.  We were quite successful at that and I was interested in getting rich and making a profit.  Then my son Adam became seriously ill and it became very obvious that he was significantly affected by the environment in which he was treated.  He would be very negative in some environments but in better surroundings, his manner would change completely.  When he died, the notion of making money didn’t seem to be quite so important, because no matter how rich I was, it wasn’t going to change his outcome.  


Teenage Cancer Trust hospital room with wall art and co-ordinating furniture including bed, chair and desk.

Teenage Cancer Trust hospital room containing pool table with purple cloth, purple chairs, wall art depicting London scene with purple colours and table with co-ordinating turquoise chairs.  


Adam had been an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) so Simon Davies, the CEO of Teenage Cancer Trust, asked me if I would do some work with them improving TCT wards.  This meant a significant learning curve due to compliance and regulatory issues in hospitals.  Initially we did this free of charge but over time we were doing more and more so TCT started paying us for the work. However, I felt guilty about making money out of it so Simon suggested that we continue doing the paid work but give a donation to the charity if we had made a profit out of them at the end of the year.


A room with colourful furniture including plush chairs and stools and wall art depicting various sports.

Teenage Cancer Trust social zone decorated in purple and green with striped wall art, pool table, table and chairs and sofas.  


That seemed a great solution so I agreed to that and we did more and more work for TCT – they had very big budgets to spend and encouraged us to challenge environments and challenge infection control teams and building teams to allow us to use different materials, different furniture that you wouldn’t normally see.  


White hospital kitchen with a wall mural showing palm trees and the blue sky reflecting in the water.   


As we opened more and more TCT units, the units either side of them would look cheap and uninspiring in comparison so they would frequently approach us and ask us to do something with a lighter touch for them.  


Teenage Cancer Trust room with purple couches, white cabinets, wall art showing sun shining through trees about ground covered in heather.  The room contains purple couches with green cushions which co-ordinate with the mural.


At this point I took a conscious decision to change the emphasis of the business from profit driven to purpose driven but we still needed to make a profit to survive.  The business evolved and we started doing all sorts of work inside hospitals, sometimes for the NHS.  More recently, we have moved into schools which broadens our experience which is important.

One of the strengths of Grosvenor is that all our staff care about what we do and why we do it.  We’ve all had life experiences where ourselves or loved ones have needed to be in hospital and so we are very aware how important the environment is.  Everybody is keen to get as much reach as we can and enhance as many spaces as possible so the maximum number of people reap the benefit of improved spaces”.  


Hospital room furnished in purple and turquoise with co-ordinating wall art depicting swirly patterns.  


One highlight of which I am particularly proud is the transformation of the maternity bereavement suite in Leicester for which we won an award.  This area accommodates families who are in the unfortunate position of having to give birth to a stillborn.  The ward matron told us it was a space she used to be embarrassed to take people to, but she is now proud and delighted to offer it to people who are in the unfortunate position of needing to use it.  


A bedroom with cupboards and sink, decorated in co-ordinating purple colours.  The mural above the bed shows a dandelion head.  


Another highlight was attending the Royal opening of the TCT unit in Leicester.  I was invited to give a short speech.  Following my speech, a woman gave me a donation to the charity. She explained that her son had been going to the hospital for chemo for three years and she had always had to drag him there kicking and screaming but now he had seen the new space, he couldn’t wait till he had his next round (of chemo).  This was a very rewarding moment.  


Prince William and Kate with a group of people talking to Colin in a room

A room with purple and turquoise wall art depicting concert goers.  There is a juke box and white furniture in the room with co-ordinating chairs in a pinky red and a round table.     A wall with a Teenage Cancer Trust logo  and a silhouette of a person on a surfboard with blue and green swirls in the background.


Current priorities for the company are to continue to manage the impact of covid and look at being more sustainable and having less impact on the planet”.

We asked Colin about his various hobbies and what he likes to do in his spare time.  His happy place is on a motorbike, in particular touring in France and he would very much like to do more of that.  Over the years Colin has participated in some very adventurous pursuits to raise money for charity including climbing Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp; He’s also hiked to Machu Picchu and run many marathons (slowly, he says!).  Colin also sat on an appeal board charged with the task of raising £3.5 million for building a new Teenage Cancer Trust unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital.  Colin’s not one for sitting around – he’s been hang gliding, speedboating, potholing, quad biking, bungee jumping and trekking, to name just a few.   But what’s he not so keen on?  “Jumping out of planes with a parachute as it really hurts if you land badly!”



Picture of Colin Horn, Managing Director and founder of Grosvenor Interiors leaning on a crosser motorbike
      Picture of Colin Horn, Managing Director and founder of Grosvenor Interiors dabbing whilst standing on the bonnet of a jeep.

Picture of Colin Horn, Managing Director and founder of Grosvenor Interiors hiking in the mountains.  


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