Q: How does Santa find his way around a hospital on Christmas Eve?

A: With SLEIGHfinding stickers!

We’re no stranger to a cluttered hospital wall which is why with every project which we see, our amazing design team strive to ensure things make as much sense as possible; That could mean neat and tidy spaces for noticeboards, built in whiteboard space which can be updated throughout the day and, of course, wayfinding.

In fact, one of the most frequent complaints which we hear from patients and family members in hospitals is one of the most simple things to fix – finding their way from point A to point B. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives: half way up a corridor when the panic hits… you check your phone just to ensure that no one is calling you… you reach down to tie your shoe… “How did I get here?” you ask yourself. You check the phone again… “Maybe I can pretend that someone is calling me and I need to go back in the other direction?”

Fear not! We have the answer for you, and it’s as simple as some nice clear wayfinding options:

General wayfinding

There’s no better place to start than in clear writing to keep things simple. As well as separate wayfinding signs which can be distributed around corridors and stairwells, signs and directions can be easily included into larger schemes to ensure that no reception goes un-pointed-at.

Trail wayfinding

Follow the trail to find the ward! This example can be found across many hospitals in Birmingham in order to aid visitors to locate the Children’s Departments, but the wayfinding trails can be adapted to suit a scheme which is already in place, or customised to any theme which you’d like.


These characters can be placed at points along a route for Children to spot as they’re transferred between areas, or just used in a similar way to the trail. Adding a character means that we can also include speech bubbles to help too!

All wayfinding comes printed onto our favourite material – Wallglamour – Which means that it’s quick and clean to fit, wipe clean, easy to maintain and best of all can come in any shape, size or design you can think of!

To see how fast the process is, click on the video below to see a space transformed (and we only sped it up a little bit!)

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