Q: What do you call a penguin in the Sahara Desert?


We’re not sure how a penguin managed to end up in Africa, but we do know that animals have had a bigger year than ever here at Grosvenor Interiors. Whether it’s a safari theme, underwater, jungle or simply a favourite selection of animals, we can safely say that we’ve seen more animals than a David Attenborough special this year.

And there’s a good reason for this – the children love them (okay, we do too). Here are three of our favourite examples of this from the 2020 in no particular order:


Forest Animals

We absolutely loved working on these forest animals at Bradford Royal Infirmary! Finding their way into some custom made shelves, these are a little bit abstract but create a really clean look throughout the space while still being recognisable to children.

Momentum Royal Surrey

This underwater theme for Momentum Children’s Charity runs throughout Hascombe Ward at the Royal Surrey Hospital and was one of the last installations in 2020 for us! Play Specialist Natasha noted that the images are really helpful when children are negotiating the ward as they have something to focus their attention on – “When it’s a nice environment for the children, it makes it easier for me to prepare them as it’s not as clinical (despite being in a hospital). It’s easy for them to feel more relaxed when they can see things they can relate to, particularly if they’re nervous about a procedure then I can distract them with the images on the way”.

BHC Ward 14

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARRR. Why did we design an amazing pirate theme for Heartlands Hospital Ward 14? Because our good friends at Birmingham Hospitals Charity have recently installed an awesome pirate themed play area right outside of this ward!

All of these designs come printed onto our favourite material – Wallglamour – Which means that it’s quick and clean to fit, wipe clean, easy to maintain and best of all can come in any shape, size or design you can think of!

To see how fast the process is, click on the video below to see a space transformed (and we only sped it up a little bit!)