At Grosvenor Interiors, we do so much more than install Wall Art® and create interior designs to help people get better in hospitals.

One of our most popular products is our gaming units.  These work particularly well for teenagers but of course the love of gaming isn’t exclusive to youngsters!







When we ship our gaming units, we pack them in clear protective wrapping.

“Why not a big crate or cardboard box?” you may ask.

We normally deliver the gaming units with our own specialist couriers and delivery staff but sometimes logistics determine that we need to use an outside company. We’ve learned that if handlers can see what’s inside the package, then they take more care as any damage is obvious.

An extra bonus is your charity brand is visible to more people too!

Our mobile gaming units come complete with Smart TV screen with built in DVD player, remote control, 4 gang extension lead and HDMI cable ready for you to connect the games console of your choice and go play!



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