Bringing blue skies indoors where it’s really needed

We are thrilled with the difference we have been able to bring about at the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford, where we have transformed two pod rooms used by patients receiving radiotherapy treatment, into tranquil, comfortable and welcoming “5 star” rooms.



As one of the largest cancer centres in the UK, Royal Surrey provides exceptional cancer care to a population of up to 3 million. The pod rooms are located in the 34-bed Onslow Ward at the hospital, treating adult patients with a cancer diagnosis that requires inpatient care.

The aim was to transform these spaces into a much brighter and more positive environment. Thanks to generous donations to the hospital’s Cancer Centre Fund administered by the Royal Surrey Charity, the pods now provide a calming and modern space for patients.

Jo Brown, Oncology Matron, said:

Our new renovation has made such a difference to our patients’ stay in the hospital and clearly has a huge impact on their wellbeing. One of our rooms is now a peaceful haven of lilac lavender and the other is a beach lover’s paradise with ocean views.


Patients have commented that the rooms are ‘5-star’, ‘tranquil’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘welcoming’. Many have expressed that they have lost that ‘hospital feel’ and are more relaxing.

Our Project Manager at Grosvenor, David May, explained “The hospital knew they wanted some sort of landscapes: they wanted bright, uplifting images, something to look at.  This was important because patients often have to isolate in the room for extended periods following treatment.  We offered suggestions and the hospital agreed to adopt the beach theme in one pod and the lavender field in another.




We felt the hospital would really benefit from having imaging on every wall but specifically, the centre column was quite a feature, so it was a good focal point for the room.  We made a long landscape wrap to go round the wall which is a great feature because patients can see the images from wherever they are in the room.

We also came up with some designs for the glazing on the windows which fitted into the theme for each pod and we had these frosted so light can still come in”.

Our interior designer Vic Boulton added “The rooms were very clinical and even the view out the window looked over railings so we added manifestation to give a feel of more greenery dropping onto the windows.  Staff wanted the feeling of taking the patients into a completely new environment and giving them blue skies.  Patients feel “knocked out” after their treatment so the idea is to take them away from where they are to another location entirely.  Staff also wanted to enhance the natural light.  Wrapping the walls gave a more immersive feeling to the theme”.

Jo added: “We cannot thank the supporters enough – your kindness is truly heart-warming. Being able to have this work done has improved the hospital experience for our cancer patients and has also cheered our staff!”

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