We do like to get out and about and meet people so it was a genuine treat to have the opportunity to have a stand at the NHS Charities Together conference at Birmingham in May.

It really hit home how lucky we are to work with such wonderful people.

We loved seeing the thrilled reaction from charities whose much improved environments were included in the graphics on our stand.  People were excited to see pictures of their lovely spaces and one very happy customer came over specially just to say how thrilled he was with the result.  And afterwards we found out it was his birthday!  Happy belated birthday, Kamlesh Mistry!

It was also a pleasure to meet new people and show them what a difference we can make to their working spaces and how, by working together, we can benefit both patients and staff.

One feature of our stand which was particularly popular was the Crable, a great new concept to enhance hospital areas, particularly those where people have been admitted in a rush as it allows patients and those accompanying them to fast charge their phones wirelessly and without cost to them.

We love this idea: it’s relatively inexpensive to install – you can buy it outright for £250 or rent it for 50p a day (which includes maintenance) and charities can add a QR code which allows users to donate to the charity so if donations total at least 51p per day, the unit even makes money!  You just plug it in and go and several charities took advantage of the opportunity to charge their phones during the conference.

Another thing that “drew” people to our stand was our prize draw to win a free piece of Wall Glamour®.  We’re delighted to announce that the draw took place on the Tuesday following the Show and the winner was Mark Brider from Birmingham Childrens Hospital.  Well done, Mark, and thanks to all of those who took part.

The event was deemed a great success by many who attended and we certainly give it the thumbs up too.  Thanks to all those who came over to say hi and we hope to see you again soon.

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