Have you ever noticed that when you’re feeling sad, you tend to gravitate towards a certain spot in your home that can make you feel better? This is true for many people and for a high percentage of them, that spot isn’t the same spot they look for when they feel upset, happy or sleepy. The idea that different emotions require different surroundings isn’t new and it has been studied by scientists and psychologists around the world.

We have all felt the effects of environmental therapy, whether we’ve realised it or not. Certain places, settings and scenes just make us feel better, this is something that Grosvenor Interiors incorporate into every project we create. From happy and fun rooms, to rooms that help relieve stress and ease our emotions, these very different surroundings are designed specifically to have a certain effect on a patient, or loved one when visiting a hospital or healthcare  facility.

Hospital Wallscapes Help Create a Stress-Free Experience

Grosvenor Interiors create high quality, digitally printed vinyl images that meet the needs of hospitals throughout the UK and abroad. Our Imaging, installed by our amazing partners at Wall Glamour can invoke an upbeat mood for younger patients that enable them to be distracted or relax while waiting for a procedure, and our serene nature scenes are proven to help reduce stress and create a calming atmosphere for patients, care givers and visitors going through a stressful time in the hospital.

Take a look at your hospital spaces, what do you see? Are the walls stark and lifeless, or cluttered and over busy? How does that make you feel? And what about when you see a room that features a wall mural of a calming lake with trees and a field of flowers nearby? Does that help to calm you and relieve your stress?

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