When making a hospital better, It’s one of our most popular services and you’ll often hear us talking about how brilliant we think it is but what exactly is WallGlamour?

WallGlamour is an adhesive hard wearing vinyl, provided in roll form, upon which we print images that can be used to transform wards and bring them to life in a simple but brilliant way. It’s easy to clean, lasts as long as you need it to and comes in all shapes and sizes.

We’ve been working with WallGlamour for nearly 10 years and it’s something that continues to be central to many of our hospital transformations.

We believe a better hospital environment is better for everyone, from the patients who find themselves needing treatment to the nurses and doctors who care for them.

More and more research is showing that a positive environment helps in a patient’s response to treatment. Nobody wants to be in hospital but by transforming dull and dated wards into bright and modern ones, inpatient stays can become a little less daunting.


Using WallGlamour in the design of a ward not only makes it a better place for patients, it can also support nurses and clinicians in their roles too.

When we plan our projects, we always try to incorporate functionality into our designs. One of the ways we can do this is by using WallGlamour. Not only do we select images that uplift the environment, but where we can, we make them functional for ward staff too by weaving in notice board areas. By replacing the A4 print outs and wipe boards that are often found adorning hospital walls and corridors, we can not only make the clinicians’ workplace more visually pleasing for both them and their patients but also less stressful to work in by removing some of the clutter and chaos that usually surrounds them.

Where do we use WallGlamour within hospitals?

WallGlamour can be used almost anywhere. We often use it in private rooms, wards and waiting areas as well as along walkways and around nursing stations. We’ve used it in hospitals up and down the country and it’s often a vital part of our ward transformations. It doesn’t just brighten up wards, it brings rooms together and lifts the atmosphere of the environment for everyone within it.


We’re proud supporters of Teenage Cancer Trust and have worked with them on many occasions. Their dedicated wards include welcoming spaces for young patients to relax and be young people as well as quieter, private rooms for them to receive treatment, rest and recuperate. Each type of room is designed to benefit the patients in a different way and WallGlamour gives us the ability to create the right environment in each one.

It’s often central to our projects with Teenage Cancer Trust and brought our Sherwood Forest theme to life in Nottingham. By using specially selected images, we were able to create both calm and reassuring private spaces and exciting and engaging breakout areas.


Making hospitals better isn’t just about visual improvements though. We also consider how we can help it function in an improved way too. Because of its durability, WallGlamour is safe for patients to stick their own pictures onto. We love the thought of them being able to use it to keep their family and friends close, even when they can’t be with them.

Our images are also a brilliant solution for brightening up wayfinding. WallGlamour is made from strong, durable material that’s resistant to damage, even in high traffic areas, making it ideal for filling corridors with character. We can even overlay our images with text to guide patients and visitors in the right direction.

When do we use WallGlamour?

Well, it’s more of a case of when don’t we!

There are so many ways to use it and so many designs to choose from, we incorporate it into most of our projects. In fact, we have a library of over a million different images that can be used to brighten almost every hospital area we can think of! Whether you want to transform a space into a calming, distracting or engaging environment and whether it’s for patients who are young, old or somewhere in between, we can use WallGlamour to help. We also have a design team who can help you choose images that will help you achieve your goals and even customise them so that your ward is as comfortable a place as it can be for your patients.


Staying in hospital can be particularly difficult for some of the youngest patients who can’t quite understand why they’re not allowed to go home. The situation can become stressful for them, their parents and those who are responsible for their hospital care. We wanted to find a way that would help relieve some of their stress as well as make the wards where they’re staying a little more welcoming.


Via a special licensing arrangement, kindly agreed with with Usborne Publishing to reproduce large scale versions of some of their ‘1001 Things to spot’ we can help ease these situations for both little ones and parents. The ‘1001 things to spot’ series is designed to give young patients something to take their mind off their treatment and make their surroundings feel more inviting and child friendly.


Making a big difference to a ward doesn’t necessarily mean big disruptions.

To transform a room in a big way, you need to make big changes. Unfortunately, that usually means making a bit of a mess in the process and there are fewer environments where this causes as many problems as it does in a hospital! This is another reason why WallGlamour is so well suited to transforming wards; it allows us to bring a room together without us having to take it apart first.


It’s important to remember that whenever you’re looking to make changes within a hospital, one of the first barriers you’ll face is your infection control department. We’ll let you into a little secret: they love WallGlamour, almost as much as us! Why? Because it doesn’t require a variety of materials, tools and a small army of workmen to be brought into your ward or waiting area. In fact, your ward can even stay open and work as normal while we install it. When you’re presenting your project to them to get the green light, remember to mention that it’s easy to maintain too; it’s wipe clean and made from strong vinyl that won’t get damaged by cleaning products.

So, now can you see why we love WallGlamour and why we talk about it so much? It really can transform wards in a big way. Not only does it make a hospital environment look better, it has functional benefits too and can transform the way patients feel and enhance the way in which clinicians can provide care.